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Why Socks Make the Best Trade Show Giveaway

trade show giveaway

When you attend a trade show as a vendor, your goal is to stand out against your competitors. To do that, you not only need to brand yourself at the event but give the attendees something to take home. You want your trade show giveaway to be something that makes an impression but isn’t so absurd that it doesn’t get used. We believe custom socks make the best trade show giveaways. Here are a few reasons why.

Custom Socks Make a Lasting Impression

When considering what to bring as a trade show giveaway, your main priority is how you want to showcase yourself. Custom socks are a unique giveaway with your company’s branding on the product. Designing your own custom socks allows you to add your logo, select your company’s colors, and write your slogan where ever you choose. When someone approaches your booth, not only will they be delighted by a unique tradeshow giveaway, but they will see your logo and remember your company each time they wear your socks. Meaning the value of your giveaway expands beyond the event.

A Trade Show Giveaway They Will Actually Use

If you invest in a product to giveaway at a trade show, you want to be sure that people will use it and that it isn’t shoved in a drawer and forgotten. With custom socks, you can be confident knowing they will be used frequently after the trade show ends. Socks are worn almost every day. Unlike T-shirts, people can wear crazy patterned socks and hide them under their pant legs. With an awesome pair of custom socks that have your logo on it, you can’t go wrong.

More Interesting Than a Pen or Key Chain

Put yourself in the shoes of a trade show attendee. As you approach each vendor’s table, do you grab every pen and key chain you see? Probably not. You may take the first booth’s pen or the most eye-catching keychain, but the odds are that you don’t need every freebie you see. Now imagine you walk up to a vendor’s table and see they are giving away socks with their logo on it. Now that is a trade show giveaway that you will take home without question! You could always use a cool, new pair of socks.

A few tips for attending a trade show as a vendor:

  • Set a goal for your business. Do you want to increase your brand awareness or generate more leads? How many leads do you hope to get from this show? How will you measure your success?
  • Bring a ton of business cards and hand them out to everyone. Not only do you want the attendees to remember your name, but you want them to have easy access to call you after the trade show ends.
  • Put effort into making your booth stand out. The objective is to get as many people as you can to approach your table. The more eye-catching it is, the better.

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