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The Best Stocking Stuffers for 2022

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

The days of aimlessly walking around the dollar store or down the candy aisle are done. We’ve all been in a situation during the holidays where we’re just shopping to shop: no list, no rhyme or reason. 

We’ve all either received or given a gift where the reaction is underwhelming. The awkward “It’s an avocado…thanks.”

However, gift-giving doesn’t have to be so stressful or time-consuming. From DIY gifts to the perfect knick-nack, there are limitless ideas to show how much you truly care. 

With that being said, we think a few gifts rise above them all.

Custom Face Socks as Holiday Gifts!

At Custom Sock Shop, holidays are our favorite time of the year. The creativity, thoughtfulness, and humor we see from some of your sock designs truly make our days better. Custom socks are the perfect gift for everyone on your list, even the dad who has everything!

Types of Custom Printed Socks

Printed Face Socks

And this year, we’re incredibly excited to offer printed face socks! (These aren’t the socks you dreaded receiving as a Christmas gift when you were a kid!) With our state-of-the-art sublimation process, you can put anyone’s face on a comfy sock. You simply choose a sock color, upload your favorite photo of your favorite person, and we do the rest.

Print Face Sock Design
Holiday Print Sock Design

Printed Holiday Socks

If you’re feeling extra festive this year, choose one of our holiday sock templates. Turn yourself into an elf or go with one of our more traditional holiday designs! These gifts make great gifts for your team, co-workers, boss, and family. You can even have a family holiday photo shoot wearing your custom-printed holiday socks!

Pet Face Socks

Want a unique gift for your mom who loves her clingy small dog? What about a holiday gift for your neighbor with 3 cats? Lucky for you, we also specialize in custom pet socks! From dogs and cats to horses and emus, put your favorite fur baby on your new favorite pair of socks.

Print Pet Sock Design

Printed Socks Make Great Holiday Gifts For Everyone!

If we’re being honest, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love getting custom-printed face socks. From your grandparents to your boss, this is a surefire way to spread joy and laughter this holiday season. (Need your unique Christmas or holiday gift in a hurry? We offer rapid shipping!)

More of Our Favorite Affordable Holiday Gifts in 2022

Chopstick Lightsabers: We’d like to say these are perfect for children, but who are we kidding? These are perfect for anyone in your life. Instead of the classic train or airplane, now you can have a cinematic duel for that last bite of dessert over the holidays.

Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool: The gift that keeps on giving. These useful gadgets come in handy when you need them most. From mosquito bites to bee stings, this suction tool removes the insect venom and saliva that causes your skin to itch and swell- perfect for the outdoorsman in your life. 

Mini Brands: What can we say? Miniature things are just captivating for some reason. Throw in the mystery of not knowing which brands you’ll open, and we have ourselves a perfect stocking stuffer for the kids (or childish adults) in your life. 

“Calm The F*** Down” Adult Coloring Book: After the last few years we’ve all endured, I think everyone could use some respite and a few calming activities. As the name applies, this coloring book is NOT for children. Each illustration even has a cheeky one-liner to go along with it, ex: “Home is where the vodka is.”

Theory11 Playing Cards: On the topic of art, Theory11 puts out some of the most beautiful and elegant playing cards we’ve ever seen. With each card featuring custom artwork, these decks of cards somehow make you feel like a more important member of society. From Avengers and Star Wars themed decks to Artisan and Mocharch themes, they have something for everyone. 

43-in-1 Survival Credit Card Multitool: The Swiss Army Knife for Jordan Belfort. This convenient tool has everything from a bottle opener and wire cutter to screw drivers and hex wrenches – and it all can slide right into your wallet like a credit card. Pretty neat.

Cleaning Gel Universal Dusting Cleaner: Due to the overwhelming amount of food consumed over a keyboard in the 2020s, almost everyone needs this electronics cleaner in their life. Throw in the fact of how oddly satisfying it is to use and we’ve got ourselves another winner.

It might be tempting to get all your small gifts and stocking stuffers on a whim and in a hurry, however thoughtful stocking stuffers are the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones you care!

However, sometimes the smallest gifts can mean the most or create the best memories. You never know what that little extra thought or meaning behind a gift might mean to someone.

So whether it’s one of our favorite gifts or one you find on your own, make sure to make each moment and dollar spent count this year. In other words, rock their socks off this holiday season.

From our family to yours,
Happy Holidays