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Stand Up To Breast Cancer with Pink Socks

Join us in the fight against breast cancer with a pair of custom pink socks.

Custom Sock Shop is committed to helping put an end to this horrible disease throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

pink socks fight like a girlOctober is right around the corner and people are gearing up to fight together against breast cancer. Here at Custom Sock, we are happy to be help bring pink socks to people’s wardrobes.

Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be showing our support to those who are living with, those we have lost and those who have survived this disease with custom awareness socks.

Here are a few breast cancer statistics:

– According to Susan G. Komen, “In 2013, it is estimated that among U.S. women there will be 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer…” and “64,640 new cases of in situ breast cancer.”
– Breast cancer doesn’t only affect women. Though it occurs less frequently, men can also be diagnoses with breast cancer.
– About 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in her life, according to
– Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women.
– About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer, according to

What better way to show your commitment to fighting breast cancer than with a pair of stylish and unique pink socks? Whether you’re participating in a race or attending an awareness event, custom pink socks are an easy way to show off your support for breast cancer awareness.

At Custom Sock Shop, we make it quick and easy to create fully customized pink Breast Cancer Awareness socks. Our team is able to work with you to create a pair of pink socks to wear for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These custom pink socks are comfortable, stylish and the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Our socks are available in knee-high, tube or toe and heel, and made with 80% Acrylic / 20% Nylon composite.

Why wait? Design your custom pink socks and show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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