Awareness Socks

Custom awareness socks are perfect for any type of fundraising or charity campaign. Make a statement with your cause and your fashion by choosing your own logos, colors, words, and styles!

These custom athletic socks are the perfect mix of comfort and style. They offer more compression and support in the areas you need it most.

Flat-knit construction so the sock is the same thickness throughout. Best for giveaways, simple designs, budget purchases, casual wear, and promotional items.


The Lowest Minimum Order for Teams of All Sizes

With an order minimum of 15 pairs for awareness socks, you will not find a better combination of quality and affordability. Order even more for bulk savings with rush orders available.


Hands-On Customer Service with Approval Before Production

Artwork proof will be provided within 48 business hours of order being placed. Start designing using the sock builder or work directly with our team to find the perfect match.

Ordering Your Custom Awareness Socks

Select Sock Type

Choose between our variety of sock styles and sizes to find the perfect match.

Custom Design

Upload files and design on your own, or work directly with our design team for inspiration.

Finalize Design

Once all the details are confirmed, complete your order online or by phone.

48 Hour Art Proof

Our customer service will work directly with you to get design approval prior to production.

Products Shipped

Once approved, your custom awareness socks arrive within 5-10 business days.

Real Stories from Real People

Pink and white awareness socks

Custom Socks for Your Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Join the movement with our exclusive collection of custom breast cancer awareness socks. More than just a statement piece, these socks symbolize unity, strength, and support for a cause that touches countless lives. Whether you’re a sports team, an organization, or an advocate for change, these socks are the perfect canvas to spread awareness and drive impactful fundraising efforts. 

Fundraising Service

As part of our commitment to you, Custom Sock Shop is proud to offer an online fundraising service to help you reach your goals.

If you are trying to raise awareness and funds for a certain project or cause, this feature is perfect for you!

We will build you a custom landing page for your campaign so you can simply share a link and start raising money! Once the campaign has ended, Custom Sock Shop tallies up all the orders and delivers the socks directly to you for disbursement.

White and purple awareness socks

Custom Awareness Socks Have Never Been an Easier Choice.

Custom Sock Shop does it all, and with the fastest turnaround time, lowest order quantity, and hands-on customer service. Ready to go? Our team is here to help you through the entire order process.

Order Online Get 10% More

Quick 48-hour Design Turnaround

Note: all orders will receive an artwork proof within 48 hours for approval before processing.

Our comprehensive catalog holds the key to seamless designing and purchasing. Download now for pricing, sizing, and everything you need for the perfect pair!

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