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Custom Sock Shop Spotlight: the Hash House Harriers

off trail running with the hash house harriers

For May’s customer of the month, we are highlighting one of our most enthusiastic as well as unusual customers: the Hash House Harriers, a self-proclaimed drinking club with a running problem. This international group organizes non-competitive runs a.k.a “hashes” where participants get together to do some off the road trail running.

We caught up with Megan Stafford of the SMUTTy Crabs from Southern Maryland to learn more about her group and how they use CCS socks as a part of their groups brand.

How are the Hashers using Custom Sock Shop (CSS) socks to help your group make an impact?

Typically, all our runs take us off the beaten path. We wear our socks while we run and walk off trails – usually through thorns, branches, tree, streams etc.

Our socks help us identify each other as we have specific color combos that represent each of our groups. For example, the SMUTTy Crabs are located in Southern Maryland; therefore, we use the colors of the Maryland state flag (yellow-gold, red, white, and black) along with royal blue since we have blue crabs and the Chesapeake Bay nearby.

How do CSS socks fit into your marketing efforts?

CSS socks fit into our marketing efforts as individuals, as well as a group. Our socks can be used to showcase that a person is from a certain group, or that a group has a unique item someone else might wish to have, or that a person has visited the Hash “kennel” of an area and has a souvenir to show for it. They also help us recruit hashers from other places to enjoy hashing with another group (known as Travel Hashing), or to recruit from the non-hashing population. Occasionally, we get a person who sees us running by and asks what we are about, then they show up and start hashing with us, too!

How did you find CSS and why did you ultimately go with CSS?

I found CSS through a friend of mine who had used their services before. She and I, respectively, decided to use CSS because they have socks at a good price, and, at the heart of the matter, they own their own machinery and didn’t mind us putting curse words on the socks. We are a social club that can be somewhat unorthodox and it can sometimes be difficult to find companies willing to work with us and meet our needs.

Are you planning on launching any other initiatives using CSS socks in the future?

Our group will probably order socks twice a year as we are a smaller group, but we have plenty of “kennels” that may order once a quarter or more of large quantities.

Interested in learning more about this group and this unique past time? Do a quick search to see if there is a hasher group in your area that you can try out. Are you a part of a hasher’s group? We are currently offering a 10% discount to all hashers who are interested in ordering socks for their team! Get in touch and we will get you hooked up.

Are you, your team, or company using Custom Sock Shop Socks in a cool way? Tell us about it. We’d love to know. Contact us with your photos and story and you could be featured as a customer spotlight!

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