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6 Questions to Ask When Finding a Summer Camp

summer camp

summercamppicHave I Chosen the Right Camp for My Child?

There are as many types of camps as there are types of kids. There are traditional summer camps filled with horseback riding, canoeing, swimming and talent shows. But there are also camps geared toward a child’s talent, interest or situation. Circus Camp, Shark Camp and Grief Camp are just a few of the options in an ever growing selection of specialty camps. We haven’t located a summer camp devoted to socks yet, but when we do, we’ll let you know. First, choose a camp that your child is excited about. This is not the time to convert your budding rock star by sending her off to classical music camp. Do a bit of research and offer three for her to pick from. Keep in mind, not only is it her camping trip, the desperate letters and phone calls home will be fewer too. Once you’ve chosen the right camp, visit Custom Sock Shop and order some summer camp socks to sneak into your camper’s duffle bag.  Writing your kids name in his socks with a black marker can’t compare to a providing them with a plethora custom socks that not only will nobody forget who wore them – your kid won’t dream of leaving them behind.

Is there an opportunity to tour the camp beforehand? Some camps let families and campers visit ahead of time. A short visit, when a future camper can meet the staff and see all the camp has to offer without enough time to partake can really build anticipation, excitement and comfort levels for the upcoming camping trip. This can be especially useful for reluctant campers. The opportunity to see exactly where the child will be, meet the staff and see how things are run can be equally comforting to nervous parents.

Is My Child Prepared to Be Away at Camp? Even more important than preparing a well packed duffle bag – even one filled with custom summer camp socks – is preparing your camper for what’s ahead. Make sure your child knows what to expect and how to do what will be expected of him. Teach him how to make his bed; if the camp expects kids to wash their own clothes, teach him to use the washer and dryer. Talk to him about homesickness and how everyone feels it – and how it always goes away. If you don’t know the answers to his questions or concerns, call the camp to find out. Keep it upbeat and positive whenever talking about camp. Talk to your camper about all the great things she will be able to do and ask which things she thinks she’ll like most. Talk about her how she’ll make friends and do things she remember her whole life.

What are the Qualifications of the Staff? Since the majority of the staff are young, you’ll want to know how they are recruited, trained and supervised. There are guidelines for camper to counselor ratios, counselor ages and camp medical staff requirements on the American Camp Association’s website. You’ll want to know the camp you’re sending your kid off to meets its standards. Keep in mind counselors can make or break the experience for your child. You can learn a lot about them by asking what percentage are returning counselors. High rates of returns not only tell you the counselor enjoys what he’s doing, it probably means he was treated well there himself. Remember, nothing says thank you to great camp counselors quite like matching pairs of Custom Sock Shop’s summer camp socks with their camp names on them.

What will My Camper Eat? If you have raised a picky eater sending her off to camp can come with specific concerns. The last thing you want is to receive letters home about how she’s starving to death and you have every reason to believe her. The chances of finding a camp that will cater to your child’s self-imposed diet of hotdogs and mac-n-cheese are pretty slim, and that should make you happy. You can rest assured that after a day of summer fun, even your child will be hungry enough to eat things you never dreamed she would. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to check into what is typically served and add that to the decision making process. Find out if your child really doesn’t like something do they readily offer an alternative at each meal.  The last thing you want is your child going hungry. It should go without saying, but make sure they know about, and are prepared to deal with, any food allergies your camper may have.

Did I Pack Enough Summer Camp Socks? We want to remind you of the importance of packing plenty of cool, quality socks for your camper. Summer camp socks can keep feet warm and dry. Summer camp socks can protect from insect bites and poison ivy.  Summer camp socks can prevent blisters on day one that’ll last until it’s time to leave. Best of all, in just seven simple clicks on you can design custom summer camp socks that will make your camper stand out in the crowd – and he’ll like them enough to make sure that every pair makes it home.

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