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4 Steps to Buying Great Team Socks

For a long time sports teams’ socks have been pretty basic. The mainstays have been solid white, white with a stripe and the occasional black. But all of that has changed now, and from the classroom to the boardroom colorful socks are becoming an opportunity to do anything from show a little style to make a big statement – and athletes aren’t about to be left out of the trend.

In fact, athletes have the best opportunity to sport this trend since the shorts they typically wear allows for full display of their wildly colorful and creatively patterned team socks. High-quality, custom designed team socks up the ante by allowing teams to easily create one-of-a-kind team socks that will assure they stand out for a single game or an entire season.

A few tips can help make sure that you chose the right socks for your team.  Team socks pic

Assess what you need the Socks to do for Your Team:

Whether you want to build team spirit, declare your individuality, show your loyalty to your sponsor or intimidate your opponents, the right custom team socks can get the job done. You can create separate home and away uniforms by ordering one style for home and another for away games. Special team socks for special team games can help create the spirit you’re looking for.

Determine how Many Pairs you Really Need:

It may be tempting to order one pair per team member, but keep in mind that athletic socks typically suffer more wear and tear than any other uniform item during any given game. Wearing them repeatedly without washing can lead to all sorts of problems – least of which is odor. As trendy as colorful socks have become, think about ordering extras for coaches, sponsors and fans to sport, too. You’ll also want to check out our website for details on sizing for our custom socks and order the right amount of each size for your team.

Pick your Style:

Typically the sport will dictate many of the details, and our shop has the appropriate styles for all of your specific sports team sock needs. What’s left to decide is color, pattern and custom details. The Tigers sponsored by Al’s Coffee Shop may want to create some tiger print socks with Al’s logo on the outside of the calf. The Warriors may want to create pink-striped knee highs with their team name and the Breast Cancer Awareness logo for their charity game to benefit that cause. Or, how about ordering a special set of custom team socks with your arch-rivals names on the bottom so your team will know from the moment they dress they’ll be stomping all over the opponent.

Place Your Order:

It may seem like designing your own custom socks is a daunting task, but our website walks you through the process in just seven easy steps. If you have worked through the three tips above and made a list of the details, the rest will be easy. Our large selection of color, pattern and style options combined with our ability to customize — by including things like uploaded logos — means your team socks will be anything but ordinary. Our promise to send the artwork to you for final approval and our excellent customer service means you’ll never be disappointed.

Check out Custom Sock Shop’s shop today and get started declaring your team’s individual style.

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