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4 Reasons Why Socks Are Critical in the Summer

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Now that Spring is officially here and the weather is warming up, all of us are itching for summer vacation to begin. We want to shed our shoes and socks and let our bare feet see the light of day.

And even though we are in the business of all things socks, we get it, really we do. Everyone should take some time to let their feet breathe and feel the new grass under your toes. However, this is a friendly reminder that contrary to what you might think, there are a plethora of summer activities that prove socks are critical in the summer time. Don’t believe us? Check out these 4 activities that require you to suit up and don some socks:

Baseball, Basketball, Socks, Oh Yes!

Have you ever tried to play baseball without socks? What about basketball? Whether you answer yes or no, we can all agree only the bravest and most calloused feet can run around a baseball diamond or a basketball court unscathed. While we all love letting our toes see the light of day in our latest pair of sandals, if you’re serious about playing these sports this summer socks are a must. Not only will wearing socks (and shoes) protect your feet, but socks prevent you from getting a bad case of athlete’s foot or stinky feet.

If you need inspiration check out some of the custom-made athletics socks. While there will surely be a style that catches your eye, whatever you see you can change and refine to fit your personal taste using either our spec form or design lab.

Take Your Summer Camp Competitions to a Whole New Level

Summer camp competitions are the perfect excuse to show your allegiance. Whether it’s a camp-wide game of Capture the Flag, or a Kickball competition, socks are a great way of differentiating your teammates from your enemies.  Take your summer camp rivalry to a whole other level by designing socks that make you stand out!

Whether you’re wearing them on your feet or tucked into the waist of your shorts as your personal flag, we definitely have the socks for you. Get started by pursuing our custom camp socks and finding the perfect style for your team.

Why Socks Will Be Your New Best Friend

Whether you’re planning on taking a weekend stroll or a long, multi-day hike, after a few hours of walking your socks will prove to be your new best friend. By wearing socks and proper hiking boots, your feet remain happy, blister free, campers for days on end.

Are you planning on walking for a cause? Even better! Take a look at the previous awareness raising socks and marketing socks to see what we can potentially do for you!

Add Some Color to Business as Usual

Unless you are a teacher, most of us don’t have the luxury of taking the summer off which means business and business attire as usual. However, you can still get into the summer spirit by trading in your black wool socks for lighter, brighter colored ones.

Check out our corporate casual socks to get started designing the socks that are going to be the talk of your workplace all summer long.

Do you need help designing your next pair of socks? Get in touch and we can help you kick the summer off by adding some color to your socks!

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