Custom Pet Socks

Starting at $24.99/pair or order more and save more

Our pets are like family, and we miss them when we’re away. Now you see your beloved pet’s face all day long – by wearing them on your socks! Custom printed pet socks make the perfect gift for you or for a loved one.

Yes, you can order socks with custom prints of your dog’s fuzzy faces on them.

Find your favorite photo of your cat and let's put them on socks!

multiple pet face selection

Mo’ Pets, No Problems

Do you have more than one pet? We can print multiple faces for your pet socks! Reach out to our design team and we’ll make sure all your pets get the spotlight.

Print Pet Sock Design

No Mimimum Order Quantity

With our printed socks, you can order a single pair of socks with your pet’s face, or up to 5,000! Get yourself a pair to showcase your furbaby, or get a pair for the whole family.

sock print machine

Quality Socks, Built to Last

We use high quality socks for printing, so your gift to yourself or a friend is sure to make a lasting impression! Our state-of-the-art heat transfer process ensures your design and photo come out with the highest quality - and they’re still super comfy!

Bulk amount of socks

Bulk Order Savings

The more, the merrier- order custom printed socks for the entire office, or order extra pairs for yourself. Gift the family socks with the family dog’s photo, or gift your team socks with the team mascot on them - the opportunities are endless.

Ordering Your Custom Pet Socks

Select Sock Color

Choose between our variety of sock colors to perfectly accentuate the furry face that’s going on it.

Upload a Photo

Make sure their face is in clear resolution. If you’re unsure, reach out to our team and we’ll find the perfect design.

Finalize the Design

Once all the details are confirmed, complete your order online or by phone.

Products Shipped

Once approved, we will begin production immediately and your custom pet socks will arrive within 5-10 business days.

Real Stories from Real People

pet dog face

Custom Printed Dog Socks

There is no love more pure than that of a loyal doggo, and what better way to show our appreciation than putting them right on your socks? Find the cutest picture of your dog’s face, pick a sock color, and we’ll do the rest!

Custom Printed Cat Socks

We love cats too! Feature your quirky and sometimes sassy feline on your socks! Simply pick your favorite cat photo, find a sock color that brings out their best features, and we’ll take care of everything else!

pet cat face

Custom Pet Socks Have Never Been an Easier Choice.

Custom Sock Shop does it all, and with the fastest turnaround time, lowest order quantity, and hands-on customer service. Ready to go? Our team is here to help you through the entire order process.

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Quick 48-hour Design Turnaround

Note: all orders will receive an artwork proof within 48 hours for approval before processing.

Our comprehensive catalog holds the key to seamless designing and purchasing. Download now for pricing, sizing, and everything you need for the perfect pair!

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