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What Do Your Basketball Socks Say About the Team?

red black and white basketball team socks

striped team basketball socks

As every basketball player knows, the footwear is a whole other game itself. While famous basketball players’ shoes have been the craze for decades, over the last few years, basketball socks have really stepped their game up.

Gone are the days where a 6-pack of plain-white gym socks will do the trick. These days, kids are even being rewarded with high-quality socks for earning good grades!

“All the good basketball teams have the cool socks. It’s like we know who’s good, but the socks reinforce that they are.”

—Jake Lefferts, 13, basketball player from Maplewood, N.J.

Some of the most popular pairs of athletic socks are selling for around $300 per pair on eBay. That’s crazy! You can design your own awesome, customized socks for the team for just a fraction of that price.

Adding your team’s colors and logo to your basketball socks makes you look unified, professional and ready to dominate on the court. You can even add additional text on your socks for extra intimidation!

But, your basketball socks are about more than just style—they’re about performance, too.

High-performance socks provide extra padding in key areas of the foot—such as the upper heel—protect against rubbing and blisters. Compression in areas—such as the middle of the foot—allows for a greater range of motion. The higher quality material also helps to absorb moisture and move sweat away from the foot, helping to fight against foot odor and fungus.

Are you ready to take your team’s appearance and performance to the next level? Suit up with customized basketball socks.

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