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Top Places to Wear Pink Socks

Our undeniable love for socks tells us we can wear them anywhere and everywhere. (We may or may not be guilty of even wearing socks on the beach.) BUT – pink socks hold an extra special place in our hearts, as they symbolize so much more than simply toasty toes. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and quickly approaching, we started thinking about some of the top places to wear pink socks.


The Field

“Real men wear pink” – we’re big fans of this phrase! Professional sports have made a huge impact on the acceptance of pink gear in men’s sports. The willingness to display support for Breast Cancer Awareness during games has spread to teams all across the world. It’s a great sight to see a team fight for a cure while fighting for a win – together.

The Office

Offices can be quite drab, colorless places. Even the wardrobe restrictions you have to follow at the office can easily become colorless. (What do these people have against color?!) The easiest way to spice up your wardrobe and your office all together…SOCKS!  Even the most professional outfit, such as a suit, can benefit from a fun pair of socks. Guarantee, once you sit down and your pant leg lifts up a bit at the ankle, those pink socks will quickly put a smile on someone’s face – maybe even your own!

The Dance Floor

Let’s face it, despite all the fancy dance shoe options, dancing in just socks is FUN. Dancing in socks allows for some everlasting spinning and of course, some epic slides across the floor. Your socks won’t make much   noise, so be sure to put your tap shoes on with them when necessary.  We   offer our pink options in legwarmers and dance socks.

ice hockey pink socksThe Ice

One of the coolest things hockey players have done for breast cancer awareness is wrap is their sticks with hot pink tape. What goes better with a hot pink stick than a cool pair of pink hockey socks to match? Any of our custom-made hockey socks can be decked out with breast cancer awareness colors and designs!

The Walk

It’s only fitting to do a breast cancer walk while wearing pink from head to toe. Part of the fun in participating in these walks is the unique, sometimes crazy outfits you’re free to showoff during the event. You may never again wear that sparkly pink tutu that you bought for the walk, but you can definitely wear those awesome pink socks even after the Breast Cancer Awareness walk is over.

The Gym

Gym socks are an important piece to the workout ensemble. Choosing the right pair can help the overall health of your feet and even reduce foot odor. If you’re going to get some high-performance socks, why not get them in pink and make sweating a little more fun? We have great cross-training and athletic socks for our indoor volleyball players that are custom made, including pink colors and ribbons if you’d like!

The Wedding

There’s nothing quite like seeing a groom kneel down at the altar on his wedding day and reveal the fancy pink socks he’s got on – sounds perfect for an October wedding. Your wedding day should be lighthearted, joyful and fun. Pink socks can prove to be a small addition to that fun – especially if your wife-to-be’s favorite color is pink.


Feeling inspired to think pink for your feet? We’ve got you covered in the Custom Sock Shop Pink Collection.

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