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The Most Expensive Socks in the World

Daddy need a new pair of socks? You might have to hit the craps table if you want to get in on a new line of luxury socks, created by British men’s shoemaker, Harry’s of London. These socks are limited edition and made from a rare and “highly unusual” fiber. Only 100 pairs are available, and they’ll run you about $1,500.

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The most expensive socks in the world are woven from 100% Cervelt, a super-soft down fiber that is known as the “diamond of clothing fibers.” Cervelt fiber comes from the New Zealand Red Deer and is known as the world’s most exclusive fabric, as only twenty grams of the fiber can be collected from each deer per year. The sartorial offerings of the New Zealand Red Deer were not utilized until the past few years when a New Zealand textile company worked tirelessly to transform it into the remarkable fabric that Harrys of London invites you to walk all over for $1,500.

Cervelt is softer and lighter than cashmere, and has a natural elasticity that resists wrinkles. This amazing fiber is also pill-resistant, so if you’re in the Cervelt Sock Club you won’t have to worry about appearing uncouth after several wears. Don’t get us wrong–Cervelt isn’t all about appearance. These luxury socks are as impressive in the boardroom as they are on the ski slopes (your stomach should drop at the suggestion of sporting this exclusive footwear amongst the commoners). Having millions of air chambers that lock body heat in, Cervelt is ideal for cold weather. It also speaks to the tendencies of manliness, as it has a natural ability to direct moisture to the outer layer of the garment and release it into the world, promoting breathability.

Hearing word about these new sock-styles for the rich and famous, one of our customers asked the Custom Sock Shop team if we felt that Harrys of London’s new innovation was a sign that socks are becoming a status symbol. After clarifying that the customer was not in fact kidding, we had only this to say: A good sock will always be a good sock, but it’s your symbol that gives it status.

Besides, for $1,500 you can customize and order 214 pairs of custom socks that are as rare and exclusive as you are. And having to do laundry less than twice a year? Now that’s luxury.

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