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The Best School Fundraising Ideas

school fundraiser socks

School is almost back in session! Which means students and parents are stocking up on school supplies and are anticipating the awesome events that take place each school year. From homecoming dances to extracurricular activities, fundraising is often necessary. That’s why we put together this list of the best fundraising ideas for you to try this school year.

School Apparel Sale

At Custom Sock Shop, our favorite school fundraising idea is school apparel sales. Giving away custom apparel with your school’s colors and logo in exchange for donations is a great way to raise money for your school. Choosing apparel items that the students will use most is key. These days, socks are the new T-shirt. People wear socks almost every day, even if they have bright colors or funky patterns. It’s much easier to throw on a crazy pair of socks and hide them under pants than it is with a T-shirt. At Custom Sock Shop, you can get creative with the design on your custom socks. Not only can you add your school’s mascot and colors, but you can add polka dots, stripes, an argyle design, and more! You can sell the school apparel either in your school’s store or at sporting events! Get started with your sock fundraiser today!

Car Wash

A traditional school fundraising idea is to set up a car wash. Find a good spot where you can set up that is close to a hose and is noticeable from the street. All you will need is a bucket, soap, and towels. Create signs directing traffic to your car wash and be sure to share what the proceeds will be used for. Focus on directing people’s attention toward your car wash with different tactics such as dressing in costumes or playing loud music. Accept small donations or fees to use toward your school’s fundraising efforts. Be sure to tell your friends and family about your car wash so that they will come out to support your cause. Also, send our flyers throughout the school in advance.

Bake Sale

An easy fundraising idea is to set up a bake sale at your school. People love treats, especially kids. Set up a section in the lunchroom at your school to sell baked goods. Be aware of people’s allergies when it comes to nuts and other foods. If you can, gather a team of your friends to help you bake a variety of treats. If you can’t get a group together, try teaming up with a local bakery. They will appreciate the awareness your bringing to their business. To spread the word, hang signs up at your school or send out a school-wide email sharing the details about your upcoming bake sale.

Movie Night

Another creative school fundraising idea is to set up a movie night. This won’t require much. Essentially what you need is to coordinate with your school so that you can display a movie either in your school’s auditorium, lunchroom, or football field, after school hours. Choose a movie that recently came out that you know people won’t want to miss (just make sure it’s school appropriate). To raise money, either accept donations or require a small fee for students to attend. If you have any remaining funding or treats left over from your bake sale, bring them to the movie night! Not only is this a great way to raise money for your school, but it brings the students together and is an easy event to put on.

50-50 Raffle

Sporting events are a great place to spend time raising money for your school. The most common way is through a 50-50 raffle. If you are choosing this idea, you will need something to giveaway. Also, make sure it is allowed through your school and in your state. To conduct the 50-50 raffle, you’ll need a roll of raffle tickets and a bucket or box. Sell each ticket for a small fee and hand out one side of the ticket, putting the other side in the bucket. In the middle or at the end of the game, choose the winning ticket. Be sure to disclose that the proceeds from the 50-50 raffle will go to your school.

What have you done to raise money for your school? Share your best school fundraising ideas with us in the comments below!