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Don’t Let Your Feet Be Stinky; Get Custom-Made Socks

For most of us, socks have just become a part of our wardrobe that we don’t even think about. We put them on without even thinking about. But then, summer comes around and socks begin to seem more restrictive. Go a day without socks and you’re sure to remember what they’re so important. The heat causes our feet to sweat, and without the socks – it’s sure to get a bit stinky in our shoes.

Our custom-made socks are the perfect way to alleviate the problem. Feet have more than 250,000 sweat glands each. Sweat is actually only salt and water; the problem comes when that mixture is combined with bacteria in our skin. With so many sweat glands and the lack of air circulation within your shoe, bacteria is more likely to grow. Custom-made socks can absorb some of the sweat and reduce the bacteria that can grow.

Tips to reduce your smelly feet problem with our custom-made socks:

– Thoroughly wash your feet with antibacterial soap before putting on your custom-made socks.
– Ensure your custom-made socks are clean before putting them on.
– Don’t always wear the same shoes. Allowing your shoes some time to air out will decrease the risk of smell.
– Change your socks multiple times in a day – more of a reason that you need several pairs of custom-made socks!
– Wear well ventilated shoes in combination with our custom-made socks for extra protection.
– Always wear socks during warm weather, when you’re walking a lot or when working out.

We offer a large array of custom-made sock styles. With our 15-pair minimum, you can order socks for all of your friends or stock up for yourself. With your custom-made socks, you can select the color, add lettering and/or logos and more. Start creating your custom-made socks!

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