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Custom Sock Shop Customer Spotlight: US Sailing

custom sock shop customer spotlight: us sailing



We are beginning a new series where we shine the spotlight on one of our Custom Sock Shop customers and highlight all the cool things they are doing with our socks! This month we had a chance to catch up with US Sailing and learn more about their cool, sock-filled initiatives that get their members excited about being sailors and involved in being a member of US Sailing, the national governing body of sailing in the United States.

We talked with US Sailing’s Membership Marketing Manager, Robin Dale to learn more about US Sailing and how they are rocking out with their socks out.

How is your organization using socks to help US Sailing make an impact?

US Sailing uses Custom Sock Shop socks in a variety of ways. We primarily use them for our 100% challenge, an incentive program targeting high school and college sailors to join and participate in US Sailing. This initiative was born out of the idea of encouraging high school and college sailings teams across the country to reach 100% team US Sailing membership.

We have pushed this new program out through our social media channels and encouraged high school and college teams to take on the 100% challenge. It is led by the student leaders on each of the teams. The teams then submit their current rosters to us and we cross-check the names in our database. We then provide support to the team to help encourage and demonstrate why, as a sailor, it is important to support the sport. Thanks to our dynamic student team leaders, the initiative has had enormous success.

Every time a sailing team takes on and reaches 100% membership, we have customized socks made in the team’s personalized colors and messaging with the 100% US Sailing logo as our way of showing our appreciations. In turn, when these teams go regattas (competitions) all over the country wearing their socks, it creates additional buzz about our initiative. Furthermore, these socks give our 100% teams a fun and creative way to share this program with their followers and interact with us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #rockoutwithyoursocksout. The 100% campaign has worked so well because of team leadership and because socks are hot and sailors love them.

Do you do anything with the socks internally?

Yes, we do! During the holiday season, we ordered 100% US Sailing socks for the entire staff in gratitude for their dedication to our organization.

Are you planning on launching any other initiatives using CSS socks in the future?

While we will continue with our 100% effort, this summer we will launch a new membership campaign and each person who either renews or joins US Sailing will receive a pair of customized socks.  If they are already members in good standing, they will be able to purchase on our website store. We have decided to go this route because of the numerous requests on our Instagram account asking where interested members can purchase our awesome socks!

How did you find CSS and why did you ultimately go with CSS? 

I feel lucky – I Googled custom socks and there CSS was!  I liked that I could see my design and the price point was within our budget.

How is your company using Custom Sock Shop Socks? Do you have a similar story you would like to share? We’d love to know. Contact us with your photos and story and you could be next customer spotlight!

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