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College Basketball Socks for March Madness

You have probably heard the buzz surrounding the 2012 NCAA tournament.  But have you heard about all the customized basketball socks that the schools have been wearing?  Baylor University’s team has been wearing neon yellow socks, while other teams such as Syracuse, Louisville and New Mexico to name a few, have all swapped their traditional socks for a more flashy customized socks.  The beginning of this trend has been said to have started with the University of Michigan’s “Fab Five.”

The Fab Five was the first collegiate team to wear all black socks with black shoes.  Although it was frowned upon at that time, the team said they did it to show their unity.  Nevertheless, the slight uniform change has left an everlasting impression to this day.  Today, college athletes have taken the sock unity to a whole new level.  With wild colors such as neon yellow and bright orange, Baylor, Syracuse and other teams have set themselves apart from the pack.  According to the Wall Street Journal, “it’s the hottest fashion statement of the NCAA tournament.”

Allow us to customize your basketball, baseball or any other athletic socks!  Show your team unity and school spirit by enhancing your uniforms.  From black to neon pink, choose the colors, style and logos to stand out from the competition.  Read more about how flashy socks have impacted the NCAA tournament.  Don’t forget to visit our shop or call us today for any or all ideas you may have to take your team to the next level.

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