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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Custom Socks

While it’s unknown when socks were actually invented, early forms date back to around the 8th century BC. At this time, the ancient Greeks wore matted animal hair around their feet and ankles for warmth, according to

Well, whenever they were invented, we here at Custom Sock Shop sure are happy they were! We love making socks, and these eight things about our custom socks really set us apart from the rest.

#1 Our Athletic Socks are High-Performance

High-performance athletic socks provide extra padding in key areas to protect against shoe irritation. They also provide areas of compression to allow a greater range of motion for the foot. These nice thick socks also absorb moisture, preventing foot odor and fungus.

#2 Customizable in four different ways

When you create your own custom socks at Custom Sock Shop, you have full design control. You start by selecting the style of the sock — knee-high, anklet, athletic, etc. Depending on which style you select, you then pick from an assortment of patterns. Then, you choose the color, and you can even select how many stripes are featured on the socks. As the final personalized touch, add sewn-in text or a logo!

#3 Made in the USA

All Custom Sock Shop socks are proudly made in the USA. Every step of the sock-making process takes place in a local, 25,000 square feet facility. From baseball to football to weight lifting, we’ve made customized socks for many different types of athletics across the United States.

#4 High-Quality Thread

Throughout the years, we have tried many kinds of thread and have worked to find something ideal for long-lasting socks. As the perfect combination, Custom Sock Shop socks are made of 80% acrylic and 20% nylon composite.

Nylon is intended to act as a second skin to protect against rubbing and blisters. In fact, some infantrymen wear them underneath their regular socks as a layer of protection, according to Stars and Stripes.

Acrylic material provides more cushion and moves sweat away from the foot and onto the shoe surface, rather than simply absorbing it. In comparison to cotton socks, acrylic socks are best at eliminating moisture and preventing blisters, according to a study done at the University of Southern California.

16th century loom for custom socks#5 The History of Socks

By 1,000 AD, socks symbolized wealth because they were expensive to produce. The invention of the loom (pictured at right) in 1589 allowed socks to be produced six-times faster, and by the 1900s, socks were being mass-produced.

Custom Sock Shop joined the sock-making industry in 2011 and has followed in the path of history for producing socks. The centuries of sock-making innovation has led to the 40 machines we have today. With these machines, we’re able to produce 300 pairs per hour at our facility — we think the ancient Greeks would be impressed.

#6 Family-Owned Business

As a family-owned business, we are fortunate enough to work closely with many family members on a daily basis. Together, everyone is committed to the business and providing the best products to our customers. Each member of the team has a passion for creating socks and brings an interesting knowledge set to the company. Many sock machine operators can even tell which part of the machine is stitching simply by listening to the machine operate.

#7 Personalized Care

From start to finish, Custom Sock Shop is there to help during your entire sock-making process. During the first phase of the process, a representative is there to speak with you to fully understand your design wishes. Your sock art is then hand-created, and Custom Sock Shop works personally with each customer to ensure everything is perfect before creating and shipping socks. Each sock is carefully inspected during each step of the process and will not be sent out unless it’s perfectly stitched.

#8 Industry-Low Prices and Lowest Turnaround Time

Along with all the many benefits of our custom socks, you’ll also receive them at industry-low pricing and the quickest turnaround time. Because they’re made in the USA, and we have employees that genuinely care about each sock they make, we’re able to perfectly craft the socks you designed and send them out in the quickest possible time. Our prices are virtually unbeatable, and orders of 100+ receive an even greater discount.

We would love to create the perfect socks for your team or group. Contact Custom Sock Shop today to get your own custom-designed socks.

Quick 48-hour Design Turnaround

Note: all orders will receive an artwork proof within 48 hours for approval before processing.

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