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6 Reasons You Need Custom Athletic Socks

Replacing your boring old tube socks with some custom athletic socks may seem like a simple fashion choice, but they can do a lot more than amp up your style.

Stand Out in the Crowd

There is nothing like a pair of multi-colored, polka-dotted knee-high athletic socks emblazoned with your name to get you noticed in a crowd. Amid a sea of white, six-to-a-pack sock wearers, you’ll look like the goldfish in a minnow pond. Most importantly, your fans will always be able to spot you on the field.


Whether you’re a runner, a cross trainer or a ball player, the importance of good socks cannot be overstated. Good socks can prevent blisters that can cause pain and interfere with your workouts for days. A good knee-high sock can protect your shins from scrapes – and your expensive shoes from the blood that comes from the scrapes. A comfortable, healthy, well-socked foot can only improve your performance.Custom Sock Shop Elite Socks

Team Spirit

Nothing says we are a team quite like matching uniforms. And nothing ruins the look the way a hodge-podge of socks does. Put the finishing touch on your team by ordering matching custom athletic socks. If you play for the Tigers, try a pair of Custom Sock Shop tiger-striped socks for each player on the team with the sponsor – or the team’s – name on them. If intimidation is your game, design some custom  athletic socks at Custom Sock Shop with your opponents name on the sole and let them see that you plan to walk all over them the whole game.

Sponsor Branding

Attracting a sponsor – and their money – can be a challenge. Offering them one – or two – more branding opportunities on each team member with custom athletic socks can only increase your chances of attracting a good one. At Custom Sock Shop, we can even put your sponsor’s logo on your socks.

Odor-free and Dry Feet

Good, thick socks wick sweat away from your feet preventing odor and fungus. Need we say more?


A uniform is – well uniform. By definition there is nothing unique about it, unless of course you individualize your uniform with a pair of custom athletic socks. Custom design some with our easy-to-use system and you’ll be able to individualize your uniform in more ways than you can imagine – and in just seven easy clicks.


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