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Using Socks to Make an Impact: Marketing That Doesn’t Sock

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Woe to the person who tries to go sock-less these days! While we all are familiar with these winter attire essentials, several companies have realized that these warm and often fuzzy footies can be used in a far more animated way – literally. Several big name brands have brought socks to life in order to open their audience’s eyes to their products. Here are a few of our favorites, trust us they don’t sock.

How Ford Reinvented the 2012 Ford Focus with an Orange Sock

In 2012, Ford knocked their audiences socks off when they starred the celebrity Doug in their new Ford Focus campaign. Never, heard of Doug? Not surprising. While this bright sock quickly rose to fame, before he began working for Ford, he was in fact, a nobody, as in he literally had no body. While many questioned their choice of protagonist, Ford’s decision to animate a sock was actually a stroke of genius. By instating Doug their newest spokesperson, Ford could say and do things that their normal spokespeople couldn’t.

With the spotlight on Doug and a real, human-marketer, John, by his side, Ford aimed to raise awareness about their new and improved car. Their risky decision paid off.  Fifty-one videos of this unlikely duo zooming around the country and a whopping 4,000,000+ views later, 78% of respondents said their opinion of the ford focus had increased, and 62% of them said they were more like to considering buying one.

How Hanes Convinced their Viewers to Follow a Sock to Disney

Hane’s creatively brought their socks to life last spring when they teamed up with the Martin Agency to create a fun commercial that revolved around the two most basic truths about their socks: they are comfortable and they tend to get lost. However, unlike most pairs of socks, this family didn’t disappear mysteriously into the depth the dryer. Instead, they got themselves lost in Disney World. Through their multi-media campaign, invited its viewers to join in their socks’ adventure and participate in an online contest that could land them a trip to visit the real Walt Disney World. How’d they do it? After signing up on their website, amateur sock-sleuths received instructions on their phones on where to begin looking. Using the hashtag, #followthesock, Hanes encouraged enthusiasts and participants alike to keep track of their favorite family of socks and follow along in their adventure through the Magical Kingdom.

How Our Customers Are Using Socks to Make an Impact

Bringing your own socks to life simply might not be feasible for your company. We understand. That’s why we reached out to some of our most loyal Custom Sock Shop (CSS) customers to see how they were using their socks to make an impact in their business. Syn Ack Fin (SAF), an I.T. company striving to lessen people’s worry and stress, gives their clients socks to let them know that from then on they can kick back while SAF takes care of their network and servers. Not only do their socks serve as a physical representation of SAF’s promise, but they also provide their customers with a great way to advertise their business. Another loyal CSS customer, ForeScout told us that they use CSS socks as marketing giveaways when a customer refers them on or recommends their company over social media.

While both these ideas are fairly straightforward, using socks as part of their marketing strategy has definitely helped our customers make an impact.  Do you have a creative idea that will knock your audience’s socks off? Come on over and visit us at Custom Sock Shop and we will help you create a pair of socks that will give your customers and employees a reason to feel all warm and fuzzy about your company.

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