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The Benefits of Wearing Custom Soccer Socks

sport socksThere are few sports, like swimming for example, that don’t count socks as an integral part of their game day attire. Even cheerleading and some dance teams have adapted sport socks to appear more uniform. It’s interesting how things that might seem like secondary pieces of clothing on an average day are essential on game day. We personally think socks complete any outfit, but hey, can you blame us? They don’t just look awesome; the benefits of socks are abundant, as well.

Soccer socks keep your feet from sliding around in your shoes, preventing blisters. The last you thing you want while you’re running up and down the court is the feeling of a new blister forming. While brand new socks are the coziest, worn-in sport socks are the best for the job of cutting friction in your shoes. One of the most basic benefits of socks is that they help your shoes to fit properly and prevent fungal infections or unpleasant odors. A quality pair of socks can really be the make or break your shoe investment and maybe decrease the stink of the locker room just a tad.

Sport socks are also made to protect your feet from the elements and everyday forces like impact and pressure.  The benefits of socks are mostly seen by athletes. Short socks for cheerleading are detrimental for absorbing shock from jumps, tumbling and other high-impact activities. High socks in sports and fitness programs are also a great example. In soccer, most of the action happens at your feet. Sport socks cover the guards, protecting your shins and ankles. In softball and baseball, athletes slide on dirt and gravel, and they would probably have a lot more scrapes if not for a quality pair of athletic socks.

Finally, you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the value of keeping your feet soft and supple, but if you are, it might be a little more difficult. By applying foot lotion before bed, letting it dry and slipping on a fresh pair of socks, you can lock in moisture overnight. If you have extra dry feet, it might take a few nights to see results, so be patient. Many people cringe at the thought of wearing socks to bed, but we promise, it’s worth it to get your feet nice and moisturized.

Lucky for you, Custom Sock Shop has a variety of sport socks for you to choose from to protect your feet.  If you’re interested in getting all of the benefits of sock but still want to be stylish, check out our full selection of athletic socks to see which ones best fit your needs!

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