The Sock Life

Fall Must Have: Custom Knee High Socks

The fall fashions are out and we’re excited to see this season’s must-have items. Though clothes and accessories go in and out of style depending on the season, socks are always in – especially decorative custom knee high socks.

Featured in a number of magazines and on celebrities daily, knee high socks are a fashion must have. Whether you’re cozied up on the couch, heading to the office or a night on the down, a pair of custom knee high socks is the perfect accessory to complete any look. Expect to see many of your basic colors this fall as the warm browns and burgundies begin to fill the racks.

Another trend you can expect to see is scrunching your knee high sock down to give your booties a fashion-forward, unanimous look. Whether you choose to rock the same color sock or mix it up to add your own personal flare, this is one trend you can expect to see this fall. Keep your legs warm this fall with a pair of custom knee high socks.

Have a picture of you rocking this look? Send us a picture! What are some of your favorite fall accessories and trends?