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Four different ways to knock your customers’ socks off!

Four Marketing Campaigns that will knock your socks off

Let your socks do the talking…

We know first-hand that coming up with fun and original ways to engage and interact with your customers can be tricky. We believe socks are the key. Don’t believe us? Here are four different ways to knock your customers’ socks off!

Put your best foot forward using your socks.the red sock campaign

Take a page out of the “Red Sock” campaign’s book and use your socks to raise awareness about a cause you care about. In 2007, founder Keith S. Cass, decided to draw from his experience with prostate cancer and start a campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer, the biggest gender specific cancer that kills men. You can read more about his cause at and learn how you too can use socks to do some good!

Let your socks do the talking for you. Doug Ford Sock Puppet

Back in 2012, Ford knew it had to take drastic measures to revitalize their Ford Focus. Their solution came in the form of an orange sock puppet named Doug. Not only did Doug’s humorous, viral videos raise awareness for Ford, 41% of all the online conversation related to the Focus had a direct correlation to Doug and the campaign. For your next marketing campaign try letting your own socks do the talking!

Use socks to create an experience for your customer.imgres

Last spring Hanes created a fun commercial that revolved around the two most basic truths about socks; they are comfortable and they tend to get lost. However, unlike most pairs, these socks didn’t disappear into the depth of a dryer. No, they got themselves lost in Disney World. Through this creative and magical ad campaign, Hanes invited its viewers to join in their socks’ adventure by participating in an online #followthesock contest that could land a lucky participant a trip to visit the real Walt Disney World. Put your best foot forward and create your own sock filled contest!

David-LaChapelle_Happy-Socks_02Use socks to put a smile on your customers’ faces.

In a colorful collaboration the company, Happy Socks teamed up with fashion photographer Dave LaChapelle to create a “cheeky” colorful sock campaign that is sure to inspire. While the company designs their own socks, Happy Sock’s bright and edgy designs are great source of inspiration and can act as a spring board when you are designing your own awesome socks! You can see their latest collection at and get ideas on how you can design your next pair of awesome socks!

How will you use Custom Socks to define your own brand?

As you may have figured out, socks are a great, fun way of showing your customers and partners alike that you care. Not only can you easily promote your brand through a custom pair of socks, but you can use your socks to interact with your audience on a highly personal level.

Do you need help designing a pair of socks that will add some color to your brand and make your customers love you more? Check out Custom Sock Shop’s custom made socks! If we don’t have to perfect sock for you, don’t you worry; you can get in touch and we help you add some color to your brand and knock your customer’s socks off!


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