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Custom CrossFit High Socks

Fitness enthusiasts are now pushing themselves to their limits with the rise of new forms of exercise. Muscle confusion workouts such as Insanity and P90x continue to gain popularity for many who are looking to shake up their workout. Though these two workouts are becoming more common, another fitness program has recently hit mainstream: CrossFit.

CrossFit is a “core strength and conditioning program” that aims to improve an individual’s overall personal fitness. Participants partake in typically hour long sessions that push them to their limit with short, intense training. Combining cardio, such as sprinting, rowing and jump rope and weightlift with dumbbells, pull-up bars and the like, individuals receive a total body workout.

CrossFit programs are taking the fitness world by storm. In fact, Reebok has included the workout in a recent commercial for its RealFlex shoe line. If you attend CrossFit, you will recognize a number of individuals wearing CrossFit high socks, as seen in the YouTube video. The CrossFit high socks are designed to help your shins avoid getting burns, cuts and scrapes while performing the various workouts.

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