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Best Custom Socks We’ve Seen

football socks laying on a table

From groomsmen socks to baseball stirrups, we’ve seen some amazing custom sock designs over the last decade. With knitted and printed socks available to you, the design options are nearly limitless. 

What makes a sock design stand out from the rest? A lot of that has to do with the purpose of the sock and the people that they’re meant for.

For instance, custom dress socks could be designed for a tradeshow giveaway. In that case, the best custom sock is typically a simple, sleek design that features your company’s logo. However, if it’s for your groomsmen in an upcoming wedding, the best design could be something more lighthearted and memorable. 

The design for custom athletic socks depends on what the makeup and mindset of your team is. Maybe you want to add the perfect finishing touch to your uniform and want a clean look. If you’re looking to boost morale and team chemistry, maybe the best design is a team slogan or intimidating look

Whatever you decide the purpose of your custom sock is, the team at Custom Sock Shop will work with you from design to delivery to ensure you are completely satisfied. 

Need some inspiration for your socks? Check out some of the best custom socks we’ve seen:

black and red baseball sock

These baseball stirrups check off all the boxes when it comes to custom athletic socks. Distinguished logo, sleek design, and intimidating colors.

Navy crossfit socks

We loved working on these weightlifting socks. They are more light-hearted than the previous design, but are perfect for giving you that extra push you need in the gym.

Campus socks

Custom crew socks are some of the most diverse and creative designs we see. The two pictured above give you a good idea of some of the possibilities you have.

Argyle Corporate Socks

With argyle, striped, polka dot, repeated logo, and fully custom options available, our custom dress socks are best suited for more complex designs and logos. This marketing automation company chose the argyle pattern and matched it up perfectly with their logo.

white and green volleyball socks

These custom athletic socks are designed with elite striping down the back side of the sock. Our elite customization is the perfect addition to this clean look.

Blue and beige corporate socks

Here are two examples of what you could do with our custom logo socks. Since Custom Sock Shop uses a 200-needle machine for our dress socks, we can handle an infinite number of designs. From emojis to corporate logos, these are always in demand.

SoccerSocks 2

Our design team loved working on these custom soccer socks. With soccer basically a year-round sport for some people, it’s never too late to start on your team’s design.

Blue and white softball socks

Back to stirrups, these softball socks offer a clean look that can go with both the home and away uniform. We were able to perfectly match the colors of the sock with the team’s logo, giving a simple and sleek design.

White golf socks

We haven’t touched on any custom ankle socks yet! The coaches of this rowing team decided to upgrade their team spirit with these designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing range for these custom socks? 

The pricing range for custom socks can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the design, the materials used, the order quantity, and any additional custom features requested. Typically, custom sock providers offer quotes based on these factors, and prices can range from a few dollars to over twenty dollars per pair for highly specialized or intricate designs. 

How long does the production and delivery process take for custom socks? 

The production and delivery timeline for custom socks also varies based on the order size, design complexity, and our current workload. Generally, the process can take 5-7 business days once we receive final design approval. If you need a rush order, simply reach out to our sales team and we will try our best to assist you!

Can customers provide their designs, or do they work exclusively with the Custom Sock Shop’s design team? 

We allow customers to submit their own designs for their socks. However, we have design teams available to assist customers who need help creating or finalizing their designs to ensure they are suitable for production. Customers should inquire about the design process and any guidelines or restrictions to ensure their designs can be accurately translated onto socks. 

Need Help With Your Design?

Custom Sock Shop offers free design assistance to make sure you get the perfect sock. Whether you have colors picked out or a theme in mind, we’ll work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

Start your design today with our online sock builder, or reach out to our design team by contacting us online.

You can also feel free to call us at (888) 557-9185.

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