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6 Ways to Wear Your Custom Knee-High Socks

Knee-high socks have been worn for ages. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Europeans all wore early forms of knee-high socks, and they became popular in the US in the 1920s. Now, in the 21st century, you can take this beloved fashion accessory even further with custom knee-high socks.

custom knee-high socks layered with tights and a skirt

1. Layered with tights

In the 1960s, with the miniskirt trend in full-effect, knee-highs quickly became one of the hottest fashion accessories. Layering them with tights provides added warmth for your legs and feet, so you can keep your miniskirts rockin’ all winter long. Pair them with sheer or patterned tights; depending on what best suits your outfit. As another benefit, this look can be both dressy and casual.

Patterned tights are a fun accessory to wear with a skirt, dress or shorts, but sometimes a busy pattern can be a bit too much. Pairing a plain pair of knee-high socks atop a patterned pair of tights can give you some extra flare without being overwhelming.

2. With Shorts

High socks aren’t only for the colder months. Paired with some frayed jean shorts or with compliment colored shorts, knee-highs complete the color scheme on the bottom half of your look. On top, wear a thin sweater or loose-fitting top. Top it off with a low calf-boot wedge and you’ve got a perfect outfit for a breezy spring or summer day.

custom knee-high socks with athletic leggings

3. On the Field

Wearing shorts out on the field can leave your legs exposed. Knee-high socks provide added protection for your lower legs, so you can wear your shorts and avoid scrapes. Take your look on the field to the next level by customizing your knee-highs with your team’s colors and logo.

jeans and tall boots with custom knee-high socks

4. Peek-a-BOOTS

High boots can be a great addition to almost any fall or winter ensemble. With skinny pants and leggings both being an ongoing trend, high boots make the perfect shoe choice. With big boots taking up most of your legs, your bottom half can look pretty drab.

Wearing a pair of knee-high socks can add a lot to your legs – especially when they’re your own custom knee-high socks. These high socks peek out of the top of your boots to add that extra pop of style to your look.

ankle boots with custom knee-high socks

5. Ankle Boots

Your boots don’t have to be high to rock some awesome custom knee-high socks; a short ankle boot paired with knee-highs is also a great look. Certain pairs of ankle boots are versatile all year round. They can typically be dressed up or down, and can be worn with skirts, shorts, dresses and skinny pants. With ankle boots being shorter your knee-highs will be more exposed, so a calmer pattern may be more suitable. If you prefer a wild style, then by all means design your own crazy knee-highs!

holiday custom knee-high socks with skirt and boots

6. For the Holidays

Just about every holiday has its own color or set of colors – Christmas, red; St. Patty’s Day, green; Valentine’s Day, pink – and so on. Colorful knee-highs can be the perfect addition to make your outfit festive for the holidays – just because you’re going to an Ugly Sweater Christmas party doesn’t mean your whole outfit has to be.

Why settle for someone else’s style? Design custom knee-high socks and rock your own look!

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