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Sock Fundraiser

FHS Engineering Girl Power Society


Available until November 28, 2022 11:59PM

Order Pickup & Shipping

Once the sale is complete, Custom Sock Shop will produce the socks that were ordered. Upon completion they will be shipped to the point of contact who will then handle the distribution.

Please note, production will not begin until after the store closes on 11-28-22. Once closed, it will be about 2-2.5 weeks for production.

Point of contact for the order will be Carrie Garippa. Email

Product Details

Custom White Crew socks with purple stripe,  custom purple and neon pink logo on side of leg, purple EGPS text on bottom sole of foot and neon pink toe and heel.  

Custom Black Crew socks with gold cuff, gold PATRIOTS text down the back of the leg, gold, black and white F logo on sides of leg and gold toe and heel caps. 

Size Medium: Youth 4-9; women’s 4-8.5

Size Large: Women’s 9-11; Men’s 10-13

Please note the socks are not prewashed and dried and will appear larger than standard size until washing and drying. 

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