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How Socks Are Made

Have you ever wondered how socks are made? We wear them almost every day, but rarely do we think about the process that goes into making each sock! When it comes to custom socks, the process is even more unique. Keep reading to learn more about how socks are made.


First things first: You design your socks or tell us what you have in mind. Send us your logo, color preferences, and anything additional you would like on the sock, such as stripes or polka dots. You will also choose the size of your sock. At Custom Sock Shop, you can choose Footie, Anklet, Crew, Elite, Knee High, or Leg Warmers. We love seeing the awesome ideas you come up with! We do our best to replicate each design and logo, but sometimes we are restricted as each design is actually woven into the sock – not printed on it.


Once we receive your idea, we digitize it, and send you a virtual proof for you to review. We want to make sure you are happy with the design and get your approval before we begin making the socks.


As soon as we get your approval on the sock design, it gets sent to our machine to be made. We hand place the spools of yarn into the machine and set up the logo or design which is the most time-consuming part. Before we start a new order, we will run a few tests to ensure there isn’t any leftover yarn in the machine. Once everything is set up, we let the machines run. The sock machines are programmed to read the size of the sock, colors, and the design. With over one hundred thousand moving parts, it’s remarkable how socks are made!


After the sock comes out of the machine, we do quality control. We check each sock to make sure there are no holes, damage, or missed logos. If everything looks good, we flip the sock inside out and stick it in a bin to be stitched up. We do this with every sock in the order and keep count to make sure we don’t miss a sock! The minimum order we can make at one time is 15 pairs of socks, but we can make up to several thousand if necessary. While 15 pairs may seem like a lot, our minimum order is the lowest in the industry, with the next lowest being 120 pairs!


The entire process of making a regular custom sock takes about a minute per sock. However, it depends on the size of socks being made and the intricacy of the design. Obviously, smaller socks take less time than large ones. When it comes to dress socks, the process takes a bit longer. To make one sock, it takes 5-6 minutes. Which is about 10 minutes per pair. If you do plan to order custom dress socks, just make sure to give us ample time from when you order to the date you need them by. It typically takes approximately 7-10 business days from the time you order your sock to when we can ship them to you.


The process of how socks are made is very special to us and we are happy to have shared some of the information with you! We take pride in our socks and the quality of our work. After our socks leave the factory, we rarely get to see them in action. Send us photos wearing your socks or use the hashtag #MySockStory and you may see them featured on our social media.

Still, have questions about how socks are made? Leave a comment down below and we will answer it.


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