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Groomsmen Socks Your Buddies Will Love

Choosing the right groomsmen gifts can be challenging. You want to give them something meaningful, but also something that they will use even after your wedding.

Custom groomsmen socks are a personalized gift that we know your buddies will continue to wear long after your wedding day. By designing your own groomsmen attire, you have the freedom to add text, choose your colors, and get as creative as you want.

Choose a Unique Pattern

There are so many ways to make your custom socks a unique groomsmen gift, but one of the ways is with the pattern and colors. Stripes, polka dots, plaid, or argyle all look great under a tux. You can make the stripes thick or thin, choose different polka dots colors, or match the argyle colors to your wedding’s theme. Custom Sock Shop has a wide variety of color options to choose from, allowing you to get as creative as can be!


Add Some Text

When you design personalized groomsmen socks with Custom Sock Shop, you have the opportunity to add text to the socks either on the side, front, back, or bottom. Add whatever text you want! If you are asking friends to be your groomsmen? Write it on a sock! Need a thank you gift for your groomsmen? Thank them with custom groomsmen socks! There are so many fun messages that you can write on a sock!



Add Logo or Design

Want to add a logo or design to your dress sock? No problem. Just send us your logo file or a sketch of a design you have in mind when you are customizing your sock. We stitch each logo and design onto the sock instead of printing so it won’t fade or chip.



We have seen so many awesome custom fun groomsmen socks recently that we love. Here are some of our favorite types:

Super Hero Inspired

Have a favorite superhero? Have it stitched on a sock! Superhero socks not only look great in pictures on your wedding day but are one of the best groomsmen gifts your friends will use long after your wedding day.

Sports Theme

Are you and your friends into sports? Send us your favorite team’s logo and we will stitch it on a sock. Or choose from one of our icon options and add a football, basketball, and more!


Some of our favorite groomsmen socks are ones with a good joke or pun. The best part is that your groomsmen can wear them on your wedding day and unless they have shorts on, the socks won’t be seen.

Simple and classic

If you prefer to keep things more traditional, Custom Sock Shop has many different pattern options for you to choose from. Personalize these simple socks to match your tuxedo’s colors or wedding theme. Ready to create your own custom socks? Get started today with our online builder or call to speak to one of our design specialists!

Leave us a comment to let us know what style groomsmen socks are your favorite!

4 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    Could it be possible to get Custom Detroit Red Wings socks with my Groomsmen Names on them?

  2. Marshall Agan says:

    I was hoping we could chat about getting some customized socks for my groomsmen. The only catch is that we all played college football so I was hoping I could have them made with our college logo and our numbers on them? This is a far stretch but if you don’t do this type of work, do you have a suggestion of some one who might who doesn’t sell them in lowest quantities of 100?

    Thank you.

  3. Rosemary McAfee says:

    Looking for Oyster Socks, yes they’re out there, but I need the colors to be burgundy, black and grey or white. Want them for under black suits for the groomsmen, want them to pop, but not a wild color. Saw light blue ones on line and didn’t want to go in that direction. Please let me know. Thanks, Rosemary

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